Vietnam Challenge Fund (VCF) is a US$ 3 million source of funding from the Asian Development Bank and the UK’s Department for International Development. It is designed to challenge the private sector to propose innovative new business models that engage and benefit the poor, on a replicable and sustainable basis.

The application form or a ‘concept note’ can be downloaded below. Alternatively, applicants can contact the M4P2 project office to request a concept note is sent to them by post or fax.

All applications to the Vietnam Challenge Fund MUST be submitted in the concept note format. Please also read the application guidelines before completing the concept note.

It is easy to apply. If you think you have a good idea that responds to our challenges, please submit a ‘concept note’ application to us. These concept notes can be downloaded from our website, or are available upon request at the M4P2 office.  Please also refer to the guidelines provided with the concept notes.

Our First Set of Challenges will be available soon.