Linking farmers to markets through contract farming

Contracts are an important mechanism to coordinate production, distribution, and retail arrangements between different players in the value chain.


Making Value Chains Work Better for the Poor

A toolbook for practitioners of Value Chain Analysis

The toolbook is designed as a concise document aimed to provide value chain practitioners with an easy to follow set of tools for value chain analysis, focused on poverty reduction.


M4P week 2006

M4P week 2006 took place by the end of November 2006 in Hanoi. Four days in the week focused on 4 different topics: (i) M4P research results (ii) M4P methodological tools (iii) New business models and PPP approaches and (iv) Generating profits from science and technology.

Contract farming: 30 cases

The enactment of Decision 80 in 2002 by the Government of Viet Nam has attempted to increase the use of contracts to improve procurement and efficiency in the rural economy.