In Vietnam, much of the recent policy research work in the area of private sector development has been focused on either providing a greater understanding of constraints faced to private sector development, or providing the rationale for policies already made by policy makers.

In the second round of open research topics, the Policy Action Research Fund calls for proposals in the following thematic areas:

The action research component of M4P2 will fund research, on a competitive bidding basis, that is intended to lead to the adoption of market-oriented and pro-poor policy change in Vietnam.
Improving Economic Governance at the Provincial Level

The Vietnam Competitiveness Initiative (VNCI) and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) conducted a research study on provinces’ quality of local economic governance in support of private sector development.  The study was meant to identify areas where provinces could improve their business environment. VCCI started the first survey of private firms in 2005, asking them to provide their assessment of provinces according to various indicators related to business environment for the private sector, such as entry costs, access to land, transparency and accountability, etc.