What is Capacity Building Component?

The capacity building component of M4P2 sought to facilitate the exchange and application of lessons learned across the other two components, both within Vietnam and abroad. It also aimed to provide those government institutions involved in supporting M4P2 with adequate tools and knowledge to contribute to the successful implementation of the project. Capacity building ensures that stakeholders have the tools developed by M4P2 to support a private sector development approach to poverty reduction, even after the project ended in June 2012.

Activities related to capacity development included training, workshops and seminars, targeting specific bottlenecks that are impeding implementation. It also adopted various methodologies and approaches associated with the M4P approach, including a Participatory Market Assessment Handbook and a Making Value Chains Work Better for the Poor Toolbook , strategies for engagement with the Base of the Pyramid , and the use of public-private partnerships in infrastructure provision and other services to the poor.